Garden of the Gods Gourmet, Colorado Springs

Had┬ádinner at this beautiful little cafe on the west side of Colorado Springs, just off Hwy 24 and 26th Street. I was not disappointed. We tried two dishes: ┬áthe Brick Cooked Chicken Breast ($19) and the Colorado Trout ($21). I loved how their recipe read…the potatoes on the side of the trout were “freshly dug”.

The Brick Cooked Chicken was perfectly moist and fantastic, but the best part of this dish was the side of green chile grits. The grits were creamy, with a spunky little kick from the green chiles. The Colorado Trout was very nicely deboned, and the flavor was perfect–not even a little fishy.

We took a minute to walk around the market part of this cafe, and noted that there were freeze-ahead meals for sale, as well as deli-style on-the-go items. They did a wonderful job decorating, and creating a fresh farm atmosphere. I will definitely be trying their sister restaurant, Till, very soon!