diana-bishop-photo1Hi! Welcome to Bischotti! My name is Diana and I am a home cook. I spent a good amount of my growing up years in the kitchens of my family members…at home, at my grandmother’s, at my aunts’… I peeled potatoes, chopped vegetables, whisked every kind of sauce or gravy, made curries from scratch, experimented with all kinds of miso, and baked American and Japanese treats. Originally, I’m an island girl from the gorgeous Okinawan Island paradise in the sub-tropical Pacific Ocean. I’ve since traded snorkeling and beach life for the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.

I love to travel! I’m always up for a local food experience, whether it’s indulging in bulgogi in South Korea, loving on some gelato in Rome, picking up a bento at Marukai in San Diego, or passing through Ohio and filling up on Cincinnati chili over spaghetti noodles. Different cultures and their food traditions are my interests at heart. You will find me in the kitchen with my family brainstorming on menus, cooking nutritious meals and eating delicious creations.

Bishcotti is a food diary of sorts…the blog of a home cook, and a place where I share our family’s food adventure through life. You’ll see what we had for breakfast, grabbed for lunch, or made for dinner, and everything in between. Bishcotti is both the sweet and savory. It is the experiences around the food we place on our dinner tables and the lessons we learn at the kitchen counter.

While I have a profession that has me working outside of the home, my passions are cooking, recipe development and testing. I moonlight for http://www.allrecipes.com in their Allrecipes allrecipesallstarsAllstar Brand Ambassador program. This position is completely voluntary; I provide reviews, develop recipes and test products for certain brands with whom Allrecipes.com may be partnering.

I’m so glad you found your way to my tiny corner of the foodie world! Click around and stay awhile! Happy eating!!